About us


Dear Fellow Biotechnologist,

For the last couple of decades we have followed that almost all the governments and policy makers envisioned Biotechnology as a future of our beloved Bangladesh. As a result of this a number of public and private universities have opened Biotechnology as undergraduate programs. From the very introduction of the program in 1995, the nation has been getting enriched by a number of professional biotech graduates from all over the country.

We are sure that we have chosen our career as "Biotechnologists" from the depth of our heart. We are proud to be biotechnologists. We are also confident and certain that our dedication and enthusiasm has great potential and can play a vital role for the country and each individual's career as well.

It is our responsibility towards our nation as we continue to grow and adapt to the ever changing world by developing our knowledge, technology and opportunity in the national and international arena. We are facing a time when our society demands changes nation-wide and globally with the benefit that cutting edge (bio) technology offers. Being inspired from above understanding we would like to welcome each of you to the next step to form the Bangladesh Association of Biotechnology Graduates (BABG).

To explore the potential of every biotechnologist an association like BABG was felt always. BABG will be a national level association consisting of graduate biotechnologists from all the public and private Universities. It will be an organization that will facilitate the communication of knowledge and ideas brought forward by its members and organize around a learned discipline. It will promote the occupational interests of its members and utilize the effectiveness of its existing body of technical knowledge. This association will set its objectives and achieve these goals through a range of functions, including professional development activities, research and trade journals, codes of ethics, conferences, and in some but not all cases, licensure and/or certification.